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 Ilam Today


During the Iran-Iraq war, Ilam province suffered heavily and Iraq's intense bombings left no economic infrastructure for the province.
The government has begun investing in advanced industries like Petrochemical facilities, with Japanese help, in Ilam. Ilam also has a bright future in the tourist sector, with 174 historical sites listed under Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization, though it also remains undeveloped.
Major academic centers of the province include:

  • Ilam University of Medical Sciences
  • Islamic Azad University of Ilam
  • University of Ilam
  • Payame noor University of Ilam
Ilam province has plenty sources of oil and gas. In early 2008, 7 industrial towns including 450 factories were stirring in the province, employing over 55 thousands people. Another petrochemical plant is under construction in the province. In addition, the cement factory produces the national highest quality cement.
The provincial meadow is estimated over 1.16 million hectares of which, half is considered among poor organic covering and the other middle or strong.
Main economic activities in the province are focused on animal husbandry and agriculture together with potential fields for honey bee cultivating. The industry share, comparing to cultivating and service share, is estimated unimportant.
Concerning opening the border with Iraq in the county of Mehran, brilliant vision is forecasted for trading development and overseas tourism together with the passenger and goods transit. As per mine resources, non metal minerals are majority.
The province owned 753 villages, in terms of 40 village complexes, of which, 562 are dwelled. 470 villages are equipped with drinking water and only 92 villages, fewer than 20 families, do not enjoy drinking water.
Major products exported from the province include packed cement, colostrum cement and wheat, while major products imported to the province includes bricks types, plaster and urea.