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ILAM province is in the south-west of the country, bordering Iraq to the west. Its provincial center is the city of Ilam, covering an area of 19,086 square kilometers. There are 8 counties of Ilam, Mehran, Dehloran, Dareh Shahr, Sarable, Eywan, Abdanan and Arkwaz together with 16 cities in the province. It neighbors Khuzestan province in the south, Lurestan province to the east, Kermanshah province to the north and Iraq to the west with 425 kilometers of common border. The population of the province is approximately 600,000 people.
Ilam central coordination locates in 33.6384°N 46.4226°E.
Ilam is the capital of Ilam Province in western Iran. The Kabir Kuh mountain range lies east of the city. From the west it borders Iraq.
It has an estimated population of 180,000 and is predominantly inhabited by Feyli Kurds..... (Read More)


Limited archaeological studies and discoveries indicate 6,000 years of tribal residence in Ilam. Historical evidence indicates that Ilam province was part of the ancient Elamite Empire. The Ilamians named their territory Hetamiti, meaning the land of god. In some of the epigraphs ... (Read More)
Ilam today
During the Iran-Iraq war, Ilam province suffered heavily and Iraq's intense bombings left no economic infrastructure for the province.
The government has begun investing in advanced industries like Petroch  ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation: ransportation phenomena and conveying people and goods have always been considered as one of the most important human commitments ... (Read More)